TC Skagit Extreme Multi Tip Kit

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Scientific Anglers


Spey rods rose to popularity in the Pacific Northwest due to their ease of use for targeting anadromous fish. Our floating Third Coast Skagit is designed to work in concert with two-handed rods to cast heavy sink tips and large flies for salmon and steelhead. Its short-head design loads rods quickly, and the short taper provides enough power to turn over even the largest flies. The kit comes with a full selection of TC Textured Tips to complete the perfect Spey setup. 

  • TC Floating Skagit Head kit, complete with tips
  • Extremely short and powerful taper for casting heavy sink tips
  • Color change at the rear of the head
  • Comes with four TC Textured
  • Tips: Floating Int./Sink 2 = 1.25/2.0ips Sink 2/Sink 4 = 2.0/4.0 ips Sink 7 = 7.0 ips


400 gr 6,4m 10,0' 120 gr
440 gr 6,7m 10,0' 120 gr
480 gr 6,7m 12,0' 160 gr
520 gr 7,0m 12.0’ 160 gr
560 gr 7,0m 12.0’ 160 gr
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640 gr 7,6m 12.0’ 160 gr

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