Stroft NiTi Polywire Predator-Leader

Quality leaders made of a nickel-titanium alloy.
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How we make a great pike / predator leader with this material.

1. Cut of a 50cm long piece of the leader material.
2. Tie on a "No Knot Fas-Snap" at the end of the leader.
3. On the other end you tie a leader ring for easy attachement to your tapered leader.

You now have a leader with wich you can catch 30-50 fish, and it is very easy to change fly.


Stroft's new NiTi predator leaders solve the known problems with leader lines of this type, as they can still be knotted even at larger diameters, circumventing crimp sleeve connections and increasing the breaking strain by preventing them from slipping or tearing due to sharp edges. Knotted with a clinch knot, a maximum load capacity of up to 100% of the linear load capacity can be achieved. Note: The NiTi Monowire leaders are generally stiffer than the NiTi Polywire leaders, which are braided from several single laces. The Niti Polywire leaders are made of 1x3 single cords (0.20mm 3.10kg) or 1x7 single cords.

Wires made of nickel-titanium alloys (NiTi) are enjoying increasing popularity in the predator fishing scene - mainly because of their unique property of springing back to their original state even after severe bending. However, there are also disadvantages - namely when "connecting" these nickel-titanium wires to swivels, snaps, hooks and others. Crimps are often used as aids for this purpose. But unfortunately these connections have strongly fluctuating breaking strains, also because of the sharp edges of the crimps. If you crimp them too hard, there is a risk of stress concentration at either end of the crimp (NiTi wires are generally more susceptible to stress concentration than steel wires) and thus a reduction of the wire’s breaking strain. If the crimping is too weak, there is a risk of slippage, which also leads to a reduction in breaking strain. Sometimes "tying a knot" is recommended. However, there too depending on the wire, only highly fluctuatin knot strengths are achieved. In addition, thicker monowires are stiff and tying knots becomes very difficult.

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