Rodwalker HLS blanks

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The Rodwalker HLS blanks are made out of high performance, high-modulus T40 graphite. These blanks have a fast yet incredibly smooth action ( the 9'0"#8 rod is a saltwater rod with fast action).
On each part of the blank there is a mark that tells the rod builder where to place the guides.
* 9'0" #8 4-pcs. The perfect saltwater fly rod for fishing in the baltic sea or bonefish on the flats. Fast progressive tip action!
9'0" #6 4-pcs. The perfect allround trout rods for lakes and streams. Has the power to throw streamers early in the season. 
9'0" #5 4-pcs. The perfect dry fly and nymph rod. Can handle #6 lines when casting short distances in small waters..
9'0" #3/4 4-pcs. The perfect presentation rod when using light tippets.
8'0" #3/4 4-pcs. The shorter rod for spring creeks and small flies.

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