The Fish & The Fly 3 Terrestrials

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This is dry fly fishing at its best. Terrestrials are land based insects – grasshoppers, beetles, Daddy Long Legs etc. Imitations of these insects are natural additions to any flybox and Morten Oeland shows why.

We join him as he uses his fantastic imitations on a number of fishingtrips in Denmark, Greenland, Germany, New Zealand and Swedish Lapland.

We follow him as he chooses his fly, tactic and fishing technique in every situation. The film is packed with fact and information about fishing the terrestrial.

Morten is a skilled and experienced flytier. The second movie on the DVD is about the tying of the imitations he uses. He shows step by step how he ties his original, simple and highly innovative flies.

This is an instructive movie, which is also full of great moments and exciting fishing situations. Morten catches lots of beautiful fish in amazing surrouding. A film of the same high standards as the previous movies in this series.

This is dry fly fishing at its best.

A film by Niels Vestergaard

5 versions on the same disc (PAL)

Two films on the same DVD: Fly fishing 50 min and Fly tying 53 min.

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