Guidat flugfiske efter havsöring / en dag

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Flyfishing Masters


The seatrout fishing in the Baltic Sea in the very south of Sweden is considdered to be the best in the world. On the west, south and east coast of Skane numerous streams and rivers enter the sea, all spaning grounds for searun browntrout. The avarage weight of the seatrout is higher than elsewhere wich is the reason for why people from every part of Europe come to fish our waters. The south swedish coastline is more than 400km long. If you are visiting for the first time it is vise to get yourself a guide to get started. We recommend to book two days to get a grip of the fishing.

What to expect:
Most of the fishing is done wading the shallow waters of the coastline. Conditions can be harsh as the best fishing usually is when there is movement in the water and wind. Most of the time you will be blind fishing with intermediate lines. If the weather and water conditions are right you will be able to see fish rising. On a good day you will be able to catch 2-5 fish. The avarage weight of the trout is 1,5 - 2,0kg. Fish of 3-5kg are caught frequently.

The gear:
You will be using a 9"#7 fly rod with a fast action. A reel with 100yds of backing and a slow intermediate line in #7 is standard. Waders, polarized sunglasses (yellow lens), warm cloths, wading staff, and a line basket is also part of the standard equipment. We use 12ft fluorocarbon leaders.
Recommended rods: Scott Meridian, Sage Salt, Hardy Zephrus, Winston Air Salt, Winston Alpha+
Lines: Rio Coastal, Guideline Coastal, Rio Outbound Short

What kind of flies you will need is depending on when you are comming. Your guide will send you all the details in good time. All the best flies can be purchased from us. Fly packages are available.

A fishing day:
Your guide will pick you up at 06:00 in the morning. After that you will go to the location your guide has choosen. You will be fishing to sunset (many hours).

Whats included in the price:
Guiding (not more than 2 people), lunch including hot drinks (coffee), and cold drinks. Depending on where you will be staying you will go by own car or in the guides car.

When to come:
The best time to come is from the last week of March to the first week of May. 

What we expect of you:
To give you the best possible experience the following are of importance.
- You need to be able to cast 20m even when there is a bit of wind.
- You need to be able to wade in to water of 1m of depth.

Where to stay:
There are many option to choose from depending on what budget you are on. Privat accomodation is available from € 40.00/night, hotels from € 120.00 night.

Your guide:
René Palmér. Has more than 30 years of experience of fly fishing for seatrout in the Baltic Sea and guiding.

How to book:
Send us an e-mail ( rene at ) and we get you going. 


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