Royal Wulff Triangel Taper Sink Tip

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Royal Wulff


An easy casting line with a fast sinking tip in either 10 or 12ft that allows you to get down to the fish but with the convenience of a floating running line. Designed so that there is no "hinge" effect at the joint allowing casting energy to flow through the taper

The Triangle Taper is a continuous forward taper in the head of the line, the first 27 to 40 feet depending on the application. Providing the most efficient transfer of casting energy as it unrolls because the heavier line is constantly turning over lighter line. This design also gives you a more delicate presentation because the weight is away from the fly.

  • 90' length
  • 3.25–5 inches per sec sink rate
  • 36–40ft taper
  • 54–50ft running line
  • 10ft Sinking Tip on #3 and #4 lines
  • 12ft Sinking Tip on #5-8 lines

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