Veevus 6/0 Tying Thread

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Veevus in size of 6/0 is a super strong tying thread dedicated for medium and large flies. Thin, medium twisted, this thread can be used with all kind of fly tying material that need a strong pull application like deer hair, bucktail, fox fur or goat fur. Lays almost flat and provides a great grip for all kind of tying materials. It is perfect for fresh water streamers and big flies but also for saltwater flies and tropical flies. The 6/0 thread is made out of two strands and can be splitted.

Veevus 6/0 tying thread details:

  • standard spools of 100m
  • can be used with all popular bobbins
  • the spool is made of plastic
  • the spool has a fixing point for thread  to prevent uncoiling
  • the thread is a semi-bonded multi-filament twisted made of polyester
  • easy to split for fixing any kind of tying materials you like
  • easy to untwist
  • the diameter is 6/0
  • the length of thread is 100m
  • perfect for hooks from size #2/0-10

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