Wading Staff Dark Gunmetal

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For every cubic foot per second scheming to send you sideways, Simms’ 7075 Aluminum Wading Staff offers a balance-enhancing solution. The durable, 4-section staff has a locking detent button and includes an adjustable FastLock system for customizable lengths between 52 and 56 inches. Contoured, TPR molded handles deliver surefire grip in the heat of battle. And an ergonomic strap system features a quick-release mechanism for added safety. Neoprene sheath comes standard.

• 7075 Aluminum tubing is highly durable
• Contoured TPR molded handle allows for secure grip
• 4-section staff has locking detent button and adjustable FastLock for users to customize length between 52” and 56”
• Ergonomic strap has a quick release mechanism for safety in dangerous wading environments
DIMENSIONS: 20” x 2.5” (Collapsed)

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