UST SHORT Shooting Head

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Introducing the UST Short, the next step in the evolution of the traditional Scandi taper. Featuring a more compact head, Seamless Density sinking technology, and a textured surface, the UST Short allows you to fish at the correct depth and speed wherever your fly is in the water column.

SEAMLESS DENSITY: The introduction of Seamless Density sinking technology was a necessary one from a design standpoint. We had to devise a way to get from a floating section to a fast-sinking one in under 10 meters.

UST Short shooting head

Instead of a quick density change, which could lead to unnecessary hinge points while casting and unwanted drag while in the water, we gradually mixed densities, which resulted in a head which sinks as well as it casts.

What you see is the result of hours of designing, hours of casting, and even more hours of on-the-water work. The UST Short is the most advanced, most ground  breaking Scandi taper on the market today. We are confident the results will speak for themselves.

Line Lenght Weight
#6/7 9,5m 26g.
#7/8 9,9m 30g.
#8/9 10,3m 34g.
#9/10 10,7m 38g.
#10/11 11,1m 42g.

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